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The Art of Colin Starkevich &

The Grassland Series

Art work - To view the entire body of artwork in The Grassland Series please visit

Mural at Birds of Prey Center 2012 Mural at Birds of Prey Center 2012 First stages I roughed in a background colour of the sky to give me something to work off of. The sky then recieved more layers of colour to give it more depth in the latter stages of the mural. 163178549 Roughing in the main Osprey I used pencils and charcoal to rough in the main Osprey to give myself some guidelines when I start applying colour to the bird. 163178550 163178551 Here I started roughing in the main Osprey. This picture really gives an idea of how large the wall is. 163182951 163182952 163182953 Here I started to rough in the Banana tree's. I chose to place the tree's in this way so they will not take away from the main focus of the mural, the Osprey. 163182954 163182955 Here the mural is pretty much all roughed in. After this stage I started going over parts of the painting in more detail to bring them to life. 163182956 At this stage the mural is pretty much complete. 163182945 The completed mural! I decided to add some mist in the bottom to give the effect of mist rising off of water. Osprey rely mainly on fish as a food source and are almost always found by water. 163182946 163182947 Close ups This is my fovourite part of the entire mural. This small area really shows the amount of detail in the painting and shows a great sense of atmosphere. 163182949 Close ups 163182950 close ups 163183446