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The Art of Colin Starkevich &

The Grassland Series

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Non Grassland Wildlife and Early Work

Gyr Falcon (24 by 30" acrylic on canvas) In Private Collection

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Gyr Falcon (24 by 30" acrylic on canvas) In Private Collection
A Gyr Falcon is a bird of prey which nests in the far north and ;ike most birds, head south once it gets cold. It is also the largest of the falcons in North America. The interesting thing about Gyr falcons is that they are one of the few birds which winter in southern Canada, much like the Snowy owl. It isn't too often a person see's a Gyr falcon; I happened to see this one during winter in southern Alberta and was pretty ecstatic since it was only the 3rd Gyr falcon I ever seen in the wild. This one is in its most common colour phase, the gray morph. If you are ever lucky enough to see a Gyr falcon in its majestic white plumage it would be a real treat. I knew it would be easier for me to paint its soft white breast feathers then try to accurately paint the pattern of the feathers on the side of its wing. So I decided to challenge myself and paint it showing the side of its wing. As simple of a painting as it may seem, I struggled quite a bit with it but I am happy with the finished result!
Posted on April 23, 2013